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    =Walk In My Shadow said:Celtic it's doubtful you older than me but no matter. Some white people funny about that war('it wasn't about slavery!') and some black folks too('white people invented slavery/what do you mean non-white people owned slaves in the USA?').

    People believe what they want to believe, but you tell me with a straight face that, given the choice of no slaves and no war or keep your slaves and go to war, our people wouldn't have been better off with the first choice. AND that change should have been paid by every state in the Union for the betterment of all and to avoid killing the southern economy.

    But the South didn't have leaders that wise, and it seems you are in the 21st Century, & still down in the mud and on the wrong side of history on this. May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Ever heard of the Corwin Amendment? Lincoln himself sent all governors a letter encouraging it to be passed, it permitted the continuation of slavery in the states where it existed. This taken along with many of Lincoln's own quotes prove slavery has nothing to do with it, especially in light that the Confederate Constitution forbade any further slaves to be imported into the South. Stonewall Jackson himself had a religious school for black children and sent his pastor money from the battlefield faithfully to keep it operating.
    Now having addressed history, as for Skynyrd they embraced the flag when it was financially viable, or was I dreaming watching the tribute concert video with the white piano covered in the flag with an eagle to honor to lost band members?
    Funny thing they honored the deceased band very specifically using the flag. Why was that?
    Skynyrd caught a backlash and went for a have it both ways solution, although they seem to hide the flag now based on videos I have seen, yet I see merchandise for sale in Walmart with the band logo in the flag. Guess it makes a buck so then it is OK?
    The fact is the history of the band was to fly and support the flag and they changed when it seemed like it might cost them a dollar. Bands have an image, whether you go for the music or not. Who wants to see KISS without makeup and all the pyro? Whether they like it or not there is a large amount of Skynyrd fans who are flag supporters who felt let down by this decsion and the half step backtrack. Do we still love the music, sure. But I am not buying any items from anyone who used the flag then tried to denounce it or go to any concerts until the flag is back where it used to be.
    Why was the flag used in a tribute to the fallen band members if it was not part of the band's lore?

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