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    Hey Guys,

    Looking forward to Thursday night in Chattanooga. Building Inspector here and have been making the rounds for Riverbend. Many moons ago in Jacksonville ran a bottle club in Callahan Fl. and had i good friend who's sister was dating Allen. Went for a ride one day with him and ended up at Allen's house. Gary you were there as well as Ronnie. This was probably 1974 or 5. Need less to say my mind was blown back then. Anyway I'm Roger Scott and this will be the nine millonth time i have seen u guys, and it never gets old. Don't know what time or if your doing a sound check thursday but will try to stop by and listen. If you have any spare Back stage passes Holler at me. Your people can get in touch with my people thru city of Chattanooga. 423 643 5800. Great to see the continued success for you guys. God Bless

    Roger Scott

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