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    @treblejunkie: Deep Breath Treble, deep breath. I grew up and spent the first 40 of my years in Alabama, chopping cotton, picking Cotton and basically just all way around hating cotton. I have spent these last 27 years being a college professor in Montana. I will tell you a great truth, I do believe The Good Lord made these mountain just for me (I let other people use them too). When you are in the back country and a grizzly bear the size of a Volkswagon walks by, you start thinking things like "ya know, all in all maybe that cotton wasn't so bad after all. Country poor is different than city poor. I didn't even know I was poor, and by the time I found out, because of the hard work of my Dad and Granddaddy, I wasn't poor any more. On lots of issues I am your basic "knee jerk" liberal. On other issues I am way, way conservative. I was in my 20s before I found out that duct tape had other uses than keeping the soles on my shoes for one more month til pop got paid. And you know something after all these years I get more and more convinced that "it don't mean nothing". Nothing but God, my family, and this music. It's all about love. If it's not, then it's about nothing. I do love this band. They were kind enough to put the "soundtrack" to my life, and I look forward to listening to them forever. Gentlemen, my life is rich and it has nothing to do with money, and it has everything to do with the music. It is a debt I can never repay, but like most of the "Skynyrd Nation" I am very, very grateful. Thanks for every note in every song. I wish the Band and everyone else Peace! James Oh yeah, almost forgot - Roll Tide

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