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    My Uncle, Richie Slater, was more than a fan-he spoke of you guys as family. I grew up with him speaking enthusiastically of Ronnie, Donnie, & Johnny-not to mention Gary & Rickey too. He recalled the painful conversation talking to Ms. Van Zant after Ronnie's passing. At least-that's what I remember of my Uncle's story. Richie passed away this past weekend. Can you please share this with the family? If they'd like to send their condolences they can reach me by the detailed info I sent via Facebook (I didn't want to publicly share that info) You may also email me at I'm a school teacher, but if you need to reach me during the day-and you'd rather not leave a voicemail-you can call the school secretary at 607.674.7380. My Uncle's memorial service will probably be this weekend. Any words of condolence I will share with our family. Trust me when I say-words from his adopted family will hold profound meaning. As a tribute to his connectedness with the Van Zants'-Richie named his child (AKA his dog for the last 16 years) "Rebel". Thank you for taking the time to read this msg.-

    Sincerely, Jonathan

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