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    growing up a teen in the '70's "skynyrd" were THE band man .. sure there was some good stuff from bands overseas, but these dudes showed us american kids if we work hard and practice dreams are possible ..
    when '77 closed it was a sad time for us fans [as it was for the guys].. but deep down i knew that music couldnt be kept down.
    i cranked up the "blackfoot" albums, and waited ....
    when it was announced in '87 the boys were touring, we went fu@kin nuts man... now it's been 27 years since then,
    we've lost more brothers and sisters in that time, and yet the music still breathes and lives.
    "last of a dying breed" , "god and guns", these songs still hit hard and are powerful albums, especially in these
    troubled political times.... the Senate and Congress could learn much from the "simple man" members of skynyrd.
    ol' Charlie Daniels says it pretty well in his own "simple man" ........ god bless america.....

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