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    Well, it looks to me like here we go again, having to explain Southern Pride. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with hating anyone.Those of us from the South know that, and have known that all our lives. Southern pride and the flag is about respect for our families and friends and neighbors. We don't hate anyone who's not from the South.Why can't they understand? When I listen to The Ballad of Curtis Leow, the opening lines about picking up soda bottles to get some dough (money) was what we all did. I got up every saturday morning about 5 am to go out in fields near me where people would throw old coke - soda bottles put them in a bag and carry them to 7 eleven or stop n go, to redeem them for money usually about 15 cents a bottle. Just an example so I knew and understood what Ronnie was saying.
    But the Rebel (Confederate flag) , my Great Grandfather fought at Chickamauga, and all through Tennessee and Virginia, being captured there at Richmond.He enlisted in Alabama. He was proud of his heritage,He fought under that flag, bled under it, and all he wanted in return was to live , go to church, worship God his way,Love his wife, raise kids, be as prosperous as he could. He didn't go to New York and say hey you can't live your way any longer, and let's not forget that Northern people at the time were making money exporting cotton and other things to England,and selling things grown and raised in the South over seas, with the majority of profits going back to Northerners. I don't hate them because they made money off of the South. How would you feel if someone walked into your home and told you, you have to raise your kids our way, and have to live your lives the way we tell you. You wouldn't like it, that my friends is why they called it a rebellion, they same as when the English came over and told us how to live. We resisted. Our Country was born on rebellion, do we look down on the American flag because it's a rebellion no. Even the English don't hold a grudge against us now.
    The Stars and Bars stand for the Thirteen States in the South who banded together to fight against tyranny from the North.It didn't have to do with hating black people. There were some problems in my opinion , but we were working on resolutions to fix those problems, sure some people are misguided and believe in hate.There's an old saying "You never can Please , all of the People All of the time". You never hear about Black Panthers just the KKK. why is that? They hate the same as the KKK. So why aren't they just as newsworthy? Only white people are to be blamed for everything.There are a lot of Good God Fearing white people out there. I am a Republican as was my father and grandfather before me.And because I think Republicans do better than Democrats on issues about Economy, and Self Defense, and in negotiations with foreign countries, Democrats say I'm wrong. I don't hate the President for how he believes,I disagree with him on many things, but that's life.In other words don't go labeling a Southerner a rascist when you haven't walked in his shoes, lived his life,seen what he's seen. It's wrong , we people in the South are taught at an early age, never judge a book by the cover. Who are you to sit in judgement of us? The Northern media Washington Post, New York Times etc are really great about furthering the hatred issue and telling people that the Rebel Flag only stands for hatred. It doesn't and NEVER EVER DID. They do that because some people are easily led, and also to get higher ratings and sell more newspapers. So Grow UP, Live Your Lives, Raise Your Children, and TRY PLEASE TRY FOR ONCE! , to simply get along with your neighbors who mean you no ill will. I've heard it said Live and Let LIVE. The world would be a better place if we tried that. Besides, Native Americans had it much worse and are still having it worse than ANY race in America. Period so go check out our history and see for yourself. One fact you may not know - at the beginning of the War Between the States, Robert E. Lee, freed his slaves at the beginning, Ulysses S. Grant kept his until the end of the war.

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