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    @Cali65: you've been a fan for 31 years and yet you call it Battle of Curtis Lowe instead of Ballad of Curtis Lowe? Really? That awesome song came out in 1974 which by 2012 gives you plenty of time to have figured out that your stupid ass was saying the wrong thing. Are you awake and coherent? How does that shameful mistake happen to a lifelong fan? I'd say you're a casual fan at best...31 years and you don't even know that? You lose credibility instantly. Furthermore, if you haven't figured out that all southern rock is about God, guns, chicks and justice by now then you're just an idiot. Based on your handle of Cali I assume you're in California which actually explains quite a bit about your arrogant, shallow, narrow, uninformed-about-anything-that-happens-east-of-Palm-Springs comment. As a 51 year old native Texan, licensed gun owner and 20 year holder of concealed handgun license - and with a college degree - I can assure you that you sound just like the repulsive Californian that the rest of the country sees you as. Contrary to your belief, not everyone wishes thay were lucky enough to live in San Diego or La Jolla because we'd have to deal with pompous idiots like you every day. Enjoy Skynyrd, Molly Hatchett, 38 Special, Blackfoot and the other awesome southern rock bands from a distance please. In other words, please stay where you are and stfu.

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