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  • » From "that ain't my America" // October 07, 2009 12:50:09 AM UTC

    =medwaysimpleman said:Man who let these people into SKYNYRD NATION????

    So is Littlebjug another Dan????

    We, the real members of SKYNYRD NATION love these guys!!!!!

    For what they have been through in the past and not to mention this year WE ARE GREATFUL they"re still out on the road giving us 110% at each and every show...

    If you don't like the cd... Move on!!! If you don't like the current line up... Move on!!!! If you don't like the "message" in there songs.... Move on!!!!

    Bottom line this site is for the REAL SKYNYRD FANS who appreciate what they have given us in the past and what they're going to give us in future....

    If you have a political agenda GO AWAY!!!!!

    DonĀ“t get nervous..

    From my side NO POLITICS, only Skynyrd here. And as a tolerant guy who lives in a free country you will certainly accept that opinions can be different w/o arguing or insulting.

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