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  • » From "Johnny Van Zant on The Big Show" // May 20, 2012 6:22:22 AM UTC

    To all the guys in SKYNYRD and ladies you just keep on keeping on and getting better all the time. There is not a song that you guys and girls have ever made that I don't just dearly love, and Red White And Blue really hits my heart heavy because it is so very true.
    Like I said before I love everything you guys and girls do but I do have some favorites
    and they are Give Me Three Steps, Freebird, Simple Man , Skynyrd Nation and God And Guns.
    I would also like to find out where Robert Kerns your bass player is from and the reason I ask is because my last name is Kerns and I have an Uncle and Great Uncle Robert Kerns and I was just curious to know where he was from?
    The times I have seen you in concert are all in Virginia and you guys rock the house everytime.
    I will be praying for all of you while you are on tour and in your everyday life that God will bless all of you and keep you in his tender loving care,
    Again thanks so much for all your great music and keep it going guys you are getting better and better all the time...Rock On Southern Rock....Thanks so much for all your great music for all these great years...God Bless!!!!

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