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    I am sorry we missed the Simple Man Cruise. My husband, Bo, had a quad bypass on the day we were to fly out. If we would have chose the cruise, most likely Bo would not have come back. We sent an awesome couple in our place and they had a great time. We will see you next year. I know Kathi and Chuck had asked Andy with Sixthman and I had asked Sara, if they would ask the band if you would sign a pic wishing Bo well. But they said it couldn't happen. I don't want to think Sixthman or Lynyrd Skynyrd would be that non caring about fans. We paid for the cruise, did not ask for money back or anything, not even a teeshirt. Just wanted something to let my husband know he matters and people care. Brought Bo home yesterday. Kind of ironic he went into the hospital the day we were to leave and came home the day we were to come back from the SMC. Love your music! Can't wait till next cruise. Member and Bo Williams

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