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    danb47 said about First And Last

    @Mr Gaines: If you are still interested in this album please make me an offer.
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    Skynyrd83 said about First And Last

    @Mr Gaines: I f this is about finding a copy of First and Last or any Skynyrd album, If u don't live in a very, remote area , I just foun...
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    sixstringer99 said about One More From The Road

    I went through a divorce in 76' and the live album got me through some long,lonely nights. Alot of energy in this album and it always ma...
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    davidbevier said about Best Of The Rest

    I got a couple -one more fo da road double albems. Barley scratched-50 a pop?interested? F-king w/ ya- aint for sell. Had an autographe...
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    treblejunkie said about Street Survivors

    @Stu bro : You that right.