When "Free Bird" Wasn't Just a Song
September 05, 2013 10:31:56 PM UTC Post #1

I'm the 100th person in the country to be exonerated after being sentenced to death for a crime I didn't commit. After more than ten years in prison, I was freed when DNA identified the man who had committed the murder for which I had been sent to Arizona's Death Row. Throughout those awful years, my family remained confident that justice would be served and one day I would be released. They took my 1972 Corvette back to PA and saved it for me, even when I told them to sell it to help pay legal fees. When they got word of my release, they put the car in the shop so it would be ready when I returned home. May 5, 2002 was a perfect spring day. I had a few dollars in my pocket, my own clothes on my back and my life. I got in that car, a free man for the first time in more than 10 years, started her up, and as I was going down the road, I turned on the radio. The first song I heard on one of the most emotional days of my life was "Free Bird".

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