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Dave Strauch // September 04, 2010 11:34:07 AM UTC

I think The LYNYRD SKYNYRD BAND gave the best concert ever at the Oregon State Fair on Sept 3rd 2010 they blew the roof off the place that was one of the best concerts i have ever seen by them they were great I really enjoy all of there music the best i had ever heard in all my life time a specialty the Song FreeBird and SWEET HOME ALABAMA DOWN SOUTH JUKIN WORKING FOR MCA CALL ME THE BREEZE SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL SMIPLE MAN THAT SMELL SWAMP MUSIC GIVE ME BACK MY BULLETS WORKIN.


ccdesign // May 28, 2010 2:44:15 AM UTC

@texas diamond:


texas diamond // April 26, 2010 3:33:04 AM UTC

lynyrd skynyrd still rocks, and always will. Great photos


AshVanZant // March 10, 2010 1:10:36 PM UTC

Love you skynyrd!! Always Have...Always will :)


rickeyskynyrd // January 17, 2010 3:54:10 PM UTC

Great surroundings&color. A closer focus on faces would be nice!


Guitarrist // December 26, 2009 2:40:04 PM UTC

Nice photo! We Brazilians want u here sometime!


SimonWeston // December 24, 2009 3:12:21 PM UTC

You guys have always rocked!
Come to sweden sometime?


westsidejaxgirl // December 23, 2009 9:07:42 PM UTC

Always been a fan, live in Virgina Beach now..great show with Kid Rock...give Ricky my best...probably doesn't remember me..Jackson from Blackfoot my ex brother in law....You guys rock always have! Hope one day to meet you all...just a westside jax girl...good old days! Southern Rock live on! New CD Great! LOL Nina

 Stat_freebird banner hangin' at the simple man saloon

mcskynyrd // December 07, 2009 1:20:02 PM UTC

@midnightrider: so well said Midnightrider, not much i can add, but,....... without keeping the "dream" alive would be a great disrespect for such a "giving" group of folks that have always kept us in mind, the fans, so considering your thought process, their are other great suthyn bands that are "survivors" to this day, that have too, like Skynyrd, lost members, and kept keepin' on, example, The Allman Brother's Band(celebrating their 40th year), The Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws, Little Feat, ....... my belly button opinion, which we all have, is it's the "spirit" and a "driving force", and to me, the survivors, past and current, and us all, you included, are from the heart, a way of life, that will never die! we all wish we could walk down that "Brickyard Road" and bring things back, but, it would be like me saying, "if i had the chance to do it all again, i'd change alot about my life, well i'd be cheating myself of what has shaped me, and help me become the better person i believe i have become, at least to this point! and if i did wish that wish, which will never happen, look at all the great friends, family, i'd be the lessor person, and i'm just not willin' to give any part of that up! we, the Skynyrd Nation, will carry the torch, side by side with Lynyrd Skynyrd, we are "still unbroken"! of course some of us ole timers are held together with the help of a lil ole duct tape! LMAO!

Keep the Faith, always "Rock Suthyn", (as brother Leon said to me), along with the words, you know what i mean, or you will! and i do! "SO FLY ON PROUD BIRD, YOU'RE FREE AT LAST"! And "YES", I for one, "Do Still Remember You".............. ALL! I hope you understnd what brother Leon said to me...... "mentalcarl"! Might turn out to be an awakening for you!


viciouscycle // December 06, 2009 3:24:49 PM UTC

mental carl then why did you join join the Lynyrd Skynyrd fan club if all do is put down ?

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