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August 26, 2012 11:17:35 PM UTC Post #1

Hey, I think it'd be kind of a cool idea to compare messages in the songs. I've heard people mention "Skynyrd has changed." I honestly don't see it. They still have a Rossington...a Van Zant...still have a Medlocke...still have music that hits home and that you can identify with.

So in this game, it's pretty simple. All I ask is that you guys pair the Post-'87 Skynyrd's music (song meanings) with the Pre-'77 Skynyrd's music.

For me:

POST - '87 -------------> PRE - '77
"Little Thing Called You" -------------> "Cheatin' Woman"
"Low Down Dirty" -------------> "On the Hunt"
"Hobo Kinda Man" --------------> "Railroad Song"
"That Ain't My America" --------------> "Things Goin' On"
"Bang Bang" --------------> "Gimme Three Steps"
"Crawl" --------------> "I Never Dreamed"/"Woman of Mine"
"Tomorrow's Goodbye" --------------> "All I Can Do Is Write About It"
"Gifted Hands"/"Start Livin' Life Again" ----> "Ain't Too Proud to Pray"

Any more?

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August 30, 2012 11:50:16 AM UTC Post #1

still have a Medlocke??LOL!yeah its a jabLOL!

Love Dont Allways come easy >>>>>>>>>> I need you

get outa hell in my dodge >>>>>>>>>>>>tuesdays gone {in a certain way no?}

One song that is so crisp and REAL of say That special moment touching sound is

>>>>>>>>>Xmas time again

I cannot match that to anything done by the older lineups? but yet that song is a turn up tune that should be more recognized and mainstream its a brilliant modern newer Lynyrd Skynyrd moment of a recorded peice of music they should play it in concert it would knock the roof off of venues the cheers after a live performence of that one.....

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd for the music!
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