My sincere apologies..
July 15, 2013 8:56:21 PM UTC Post #1

First, I'd like to start by praising such an awesome show! I'll admit, it was my first Bad Co/Lynyrd Skynyrd concert, but I LOVED it. I'm extremely glad to say that I was not only at the show but front row right behind the pit area. The tickets were purchased for celebration of my 26th birthday and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. I was reintroduced to the Southern Rock and I can now say that I have a new man crush, Mr. Johnny Colt. (We had the best seats, in my opinion.. About 10 feet from Mr. Colt himself! Btw, His wife is a lucky lady and I'm sure he's a lucky man in turn.)

However, there was a very rude guy, constantly yelling at the band and looked like he was trying to fight Johnny Colt. Big mistake messing with a former marine, first off. Second, did he not see the rest of the band on stage, let alone the blade hanging off the back of Mr. Colt's belt? C'mon now.

During the entire show, the only thing he seemed concerned with was staying saturated with alcohol and yelling stuff that I really chose not to hear. This is not an excuse for his behavior, but I would like to apologize to Johnny Colt, particularly and the band, for his ignorant behavior. I'm not really sure what he had against the band or why he felt the need to disrespect you guys by yelling obscenities and flipping you guys off, but I was highly embarrassed and pissed to no end. The whole time I was hoping and praying that someone would come grab Roger Davis (of New Waverly, TX) and break his fucking nose. Excuse my language. He was a douche bag; constantly being rude and complaining about GOOD music that was being played at a concert that he didn't have to pay for!

I may be young, and maybe I don't know the reasoning behind his actions, but I do know it was uncalled for and I am old enough to know when someone is blatantly disrespecting someone or something that they know little to nothing about. Not only did he disrespect Mr. Colt, he disrespected the Band and the audience, including myself. If it wasn't for the amazing performances by all of the bands that night, he just might have ruined it for me, but I can honestly say that even with his horrible antics, I very much enjoyed myself and the live music. I hope to see y'all again in the future. Next time, just ban him from being able to attend any concerts. ;)

And I'm sorry the security of Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion got him out of there before y'all could get to him!

I've also got some pretty awesome picture if you would like me to share them, I would be more than happy.

July 17, 2013 2:55:20 AM UTC Post #1

I'm sure that they have seen one or two drunk People at a Show before.
Lynyrd knows how to deal with that kind of a thing.I don't think it bothers them too much after
all of these Years.

I ain't Hidin' from nobody, Nobody's hidin' from me

July 18, 2013 8:45:39 PM UTC Post #2

It was a little embarrassing and, although I do not know any of the members personally, I definitely wanted it to be known that I did not condone his behavior.
Oh, Johnny Colt took his bass off pretty quick, I was worried for a second!
It was more like, "One of the crew had a go with one of the guests!" Haha
Still a great show and an awesome story to share.

July 23, 2013 3:11:49 PM UTC Post #3

I was up in the lawn seats,
sorry ya'll had to deal with a punk down front

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