Lynyrd Skynyrd Track by Track 4 - "Floyd" & "That Ain't My America"

Lynyrd Skynyrd sits down to discuss the tracks "Floyd" and "That Ain't My America".

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 Stat_cummings-1 (1)

treblejunkie // February 04, 2012 6:34:05 PM UTC

@bluezman: Ya, when are yaz coming to Canada? It seems the only place you do go here is Toronto. If yaz only knew, Toronto Ontario should just be an extension of New York City. I hate going to Toronto. Big ass cold city folk who wouldn't give ya the time of day. If the Skynyrd boys came to a small town like North Bay, the weather is clean, the water tastes good, the air you can breathe and the fishing is fanfukintastic. Do an outside show in Sudbury or something and you'd get 200,000 Skynyrd fans there... I shit you not.

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treblejunkie // February 04, 2012 6:26:23 PM UTC

Love the world man, not just USA or just...where ever. Folks gotta trying to start to love Earth as whole. It'd be a better place then, if we all gave a fuck about everybody else and not just us. Give it a think, it just might sink in.


debbie reber // April 04, 2011 11:33:07 AM UTC

I thank GOD you are not hiding your faith! GOD will bless you all for that.I to have been through a lot in my life .I have a disable for 26 years and we have been through a lot.My father died of cancer I loved him so much, it was only with GODS HELP I could take care of him I hope I did good for him.And I to have developed disease from a bad horse accident an13 operations.But GOD has been there all the time.I know people through a lot we don't understand but GOD DOES.Thats why in this country we need to keep our faith so GOD can keep protecting our nation.I pray GOD will bless and protect all who read this.

 Stat_ronnie and leon

valleydreamin // February 27, 2011 2:08:37 AM UTC

@rickeyskynyrd: funny you say you can't listen to Floyd more than once. My daughter and I listen to it at least once every time we go anywhere. It's one of our favorites. In fact she's been upstairs trying to learn that song and freebird on the guitar all afternoon.


ls-groundhog08 // January 02, 2011 1:40:39 PM UTC

hi, im from Australia, but living in UK, and the lyrics fom "Aint my America" ring true of everywhere i been. Particularly like the start "wanna light up underneath a no smoking sign". What is it with modern day oppression. God bless Skynyrd, this album as good as any previous, and that aint no small order.

 Stat_papa v

vanzantfrynd // November 28, 2010 11:39:39 PM UTC

I think Floyd is great. Part of what made me a Skynyrd fan in the first place is Swamp Music. Not the tune, the sound! The swampier the better. If you ain't seen "Greased Lightning" you ain't got a clue. I still ride with a gator head on the bars o' my Harley! Swamp sound came from Hellhouse and if you gotta wonder you need to go check out the Flock of Seagulls site! Love you guys!


Black Beard PJ // April 14, 2010 8:58:34 PM UTC

Hi there! I'm Pere, from Mallorca (near from Barcelona). I have to tell you: that's one of the best skynyrd albums I've ever listened on those years. Powerful, rocker, country, deeper and southern! I've took twice a plane to come from my country to see you on stage guys: to New Orleans (Lousiana), two years ago, and to London, this year. And if it all runs as I've planned, I'll be seeing you in Dallas TX this august! Keep on rockin' and thanks for all those good songs all over our lifes!


rickeyskynyrd // February 23, 2010 2:18:08 PM UTC

My whole family are skynyrd fans and its very unfortunate Floyd is the only skynyrd song we dont like. I can understand as a writer to really get into this cool riff and the deep vocals are fun, but its a song you cant listen to more than once. On another note It Aint My America fills you with so much pride and I thank you guys for that. Its something my dad, served in WW1, always instilled in me. He s passed now, miss him dearly, but I have your lyrics to make him feel close to me again. Keep on pushin, you guys need to get these songs out there for all America to be singin to.


spooktriker // February 07, 2010 9:15:20 AM UTC

"That Ain't My America"

All of the sentiments there hit a chord with me here in England, the same way "Simple life" from the same album and "Red White And Blue" from "Vicious Cycle".
The words are true - society's changing, but not for the better.


RossingtonRules // December 20, 2009 7:39:59 AM UTC

This is one of the best cds Lynyrd has ever done.I've been following them since 1973-trust's awesome! I love Lynyrd Skynyrd!

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