Endangered Species



Release date

August 9, 1994




Barry Beckett

Track List

1. Down South Jukin'

2. Heartbreak Hotel

3. Devil In The Bottle

4. Things Goin' On

5. Saturday Night Special

6. Sweet Home Alabama

7. I Ain't The One

8. Am I Losin'?

9. All I Have Is A Song

10. Poison Whiskey

11. Good Luck, Bad Luck

12. The Last Rebel

13. Hillbilly Blues

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ls-johntolliver // August 09, 2013 5:05:46 AM UTC

I Love The CD But I Can't Buy It Or Find It No Where It Would Be Cool If Skynyrd Send A CD For My Wife And Me For Our Birthdays Aug 31st And the 14th Of Aug


raceu2 // February 07, 2010 3:32:33 AM UTC

this was an excellant albulm/cd its all unplugged and johnnys vocals seem to mold with the band and its future at that time

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