1976/1977 Tour Dates
June 12, 2012 7:51:56 PM UTC Post #41

Duffy, that's "Teaching an Okie How to Fly." It was recorded at Leon's house.

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June 12, 2012 7:57:32 PM UTC Post #42

@Road Fatigue: I stand corrected.Duffy

June 12, 2012 7:57:39 PM UTC Post #43

You guys ever hear of the "Super Jam" recording? It has a really cool version of Cocaine. It was the first recording after the crash.

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June 12, 2012 8:07:56 PM UTC Post #44

I'll throw you guys a bone. Here's a unreleased track by the post crash band. Jump to the 4:51 mark.


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June 13, 2012 3:36:13 AM UTC Post #45

=Road Fatigue said:You guys ever hear of the "Super Jam" recording? It has a really cool version of Cocaine. It was the first recording after the crash.

Hey Bubba you do not know as much about the band as you think you do. The first thing the survivors recorded was with Leo LaBranche at El Adobe studios which lead directly to the RCB recording there before moving the finishing of the album to Criteria in Miami. As I recall the super jam was in Doraville in August of 1978 from what I recall of the framed piece hanging on Allen Collins wall inside his home living room.

The Leo LaBranche sessions were recorded in July 1978 and they are the first recordings made by Skynyrd band members who survived the plane crash. You might want to research your band history better next time.

"Billy and Arty came to Atlanta to rehearse for the coming sessions
along with Barrylee Harwood and Steve Tischer, who both lived in
Atlanta. I chose the songs based on a belief that I needed up-tempo
rockers rather than my usual fare of rock and pop ballads, the style
that had been my M.O.. We rehearsed for a week and all was well.
When my son was two weeks old, my wife, son and I, Barrylee and
Steve, and two others piled into the vehicles and headed for El
Paso. Billy and Arty flew out. It was my intention to go on to
California after the recordings and settle there, since I was about
to have a record deal with my new recordings. Or so I believed.

The Sessions El Adobe – El Paso July 1978
We recorded for over a week. I think "overwhelmed" best describes
the state I was in entire time. We had the studio 24/7, and when the
week was over, I remained after everyone else had returned home and
resumed recording with the in-house engineer. We mixed the songs, or
re-mixed them, and I took off for LA."

And for the record, any info you have on the Teaching An Okie To Fly recording came from good ole cagey so don't act like you got the low down on recordings you had nothing to do with. He is the one who deserves any credit for his efforts on the homefront. And you live on the other side of the country in the left coast region? Real up and close for your info there. You owe someone else for what you have learned so far, but do keep studying...

June 13, 2012 3:41:25 AM UTC Post #46

=Road Fatigue said:Duffy, that's "Teaching an Okie How to Fly." It was recorded at Leon's house.

cagey titled it "Teaching An Okie To Fly" not how to fly. Google it.

And since you are so up on things, please tell everyone which house Leon recorded it in?

Was it the house on Bald Eagle Road? Or maybe Leon's house on Dolphin St? Or maybe it was recorded at another one of Leon's houses?

June 13, 2012 3:46:17 AM UTC Post #47

@ArtimusFan: Whats up?

June 13, 2012 6:07:35 AM UTC Post #48

@ArtimusFan: I know every thing you have posted that I have read is right on.I just don't want to miss a word here and there and have it mean I am wrong.If anything I post is wrong PLEASE call me on it,and I will try to explain where my info came from and try to verify anything I have said.

June 13, 2012 3:09:30 PM UTC Post #49

=Dogknight said:The June 15th 1977 Springfield, MA concert was performed at the Springfield Civic Center.
I missed that show being only 12 years old at the time but I remember hearing some of the older kids talking about it the following days afterwards. I believe Foreigner and .38 Special opened up but I'm not sure in which order. Obviously the Sknyrd boys came on stage last and rocked the hell out of the place.

I was there! .38 opened, then Foreigner. I thought it was a weird combination. Skynyrd did indeed rock the house that night. They played three songs off the yet unreleased "Street Survivors" - I was blown away!

=RossingtonRules said:That's funny,because I live in Kansas City, Mo. , and the first time I saw steve with them was in Lawrence, kansas in Sept. of 76.
NOT in May.

You are correct sir, they played the Hoch Auditorium in Lawrence Kansas on September 24, 1976.

Other locations he was looking for;

Jan 16, 1976 Knoxville, TN - Civic Coliseum
Mar 16, 1976 Seattle, WA - Seattle Center Coliseum
May 15, 1976 Cincinnati, OH - Riverfront Coliseum
Jul 02, 1976 Dayton, OH - Hara Arena (Trotwood OH)
Nov 07, 1976 Long Island, NY - Nassau Coliseum (Uniondale NY)

That's all I got. Hope it helps.

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June 14, 2012 12:53:41 AM UTC Post #50

@ArtimusFan: I thought it was in the A-Frame but I could be wrong. Remember the Porsche he had? Didn't he have a Jeep pick-up as well? That was many Elvis sightings ago, things are a bit foggy.

Hey, who was that guy that traded hotel rooms with Leon so he could charge drinks to the room after he was cut off?
I can't remember his name. Boy that sure pissed Roscoe off.

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