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    =Just Sum Dude said:
    =Made in the Shade said:
    =Just Sum Dude said:Yeah thats a good point theres enough music there !Some day id like to get syrus or whatever

    I LOVE my XM Radio. I've never been a Buffett fan at all, but as you know Skynyrd's catalog is so rich, it's something that should happen.

    My Channels right now are - (in EXACT order):

    1) Siriusly Sinatra (Jazz station - primarily focuses on Sinatra, but plays Fitzgerald, Davis, Holiday, Martin...need I go on?)
    2) Prime Country (mostly 90's country and on...)
    3) Outlaw Country (Jennings, Haggard, Williams Sr., Bocephus, etc...)
    4) Boneyard (Classic Hard Rock) - **[Skynyrd is played on this channel a bit]**
    5) Lithium (90's Alternative/Grunge)
    6) Liquid Metal (Heavy Metal)
    7) Symphony Hall (Traditional Classical)
    8) Pops (Classical Pops)
    9) B.B. King's Bluesville (Station dedicated to B.B. King and the Blues)
    10) The Village (Folk Music)
    11) Alt Nation (New Alternative Rock)
    12) Octane (New Hard Rock)
    13) Hair Nation - (80's Hair Bands)
    14) 70's on 7
    15) 60's on 6
    16) ESPN Radio (Sports) - (usually you hear the audio of what's on the TV channel)
    17) Mad Dog Radio (Sports)
    18) DC-MD-VA Traffic

    I absolutely LOVE Sinatra and the Jazz/Swing artists. (You'd probably think otherwise looking at my avatar). But that station is at #1 because it absolutely relaxes me after a long day at work. It's calming, relaxing, and great fun to listen to. I love listening to B.B. King and the Blues too because it just gets you into the music.

    As you see, Skynyrd is played on the "Boneyard" station because that's mostly a classic rock station. But I really truly believe Skynyrd should get their own station. OWN private station (after all, Skynyrd did perform "Simple Life" on SiriusXM live and got rave reviews).

    I could see myself taking out the ESPN Channel and sliding everything down 1 spot and putting Skynyrd #1. Skynyrd #1, Sinatra and friends at #2... How would it get any better than that?

    wow no beatles or elvis ? how can ya have that sirus or whatever without those?

    Easy. I like the Beatles and Elvis, but am not a huge fan of them. I'll listen to their music, but they aren't even close to a favorite. The Beatles were a pop band (not rock), and I'm just not all into Elvis.


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