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    We could hear some noise coming from his room...he wasn't alone...oops! He asked us to come in so we could exchange numbers, to keep in touch. We exchanged numbers and hugs, said hello and goodbye to "his female friend" and headed out the door...hopefully we would find Mary! Once we got down to the lobby...there they were...Mary and Leon! We talked for awhile in the lobby and told Mary we were heading to the car...time to head back to Atlanta...gave hugs to Leon and left the hotel. What a great night...Rossington Collins was awesome! And it was so good to see Leon, Barry Lee and all the guys, together again...onstage performing!

    The next day John and his friend, Brock came by to see us. Rose said she would like to get a tattoo while in Atlanta...and John knew, just the place! So we headed out. I thought I might get one also, but there were SO many to choose from, I couldn't make up my mind! Rose got a really pretty tat on her back, near her shoulder...nice colors! Our time in Atlanta seemed to fly by and before long it was time to head back home. We had a wonderful time and exchanged numbers with John and Brock too. They were both driving tour buses for an Atlanta company, Eagle Custom Coaches. We knew we would see them again...somewhere down the road...and maybe with Rossington Collins!

    Before long a call came in from Brock. He was coming to the Boston area with Blackfoot! We loved Blackfoot but had not seen them before...this would be awesome! Brock got to town and we got together with him. He really didn't tell us what he was doing...was he driving the band's bus, the crew's bus...where were we going with him? We ended up at a hotel in the Boston area, went in, got on the elevator and were headed somewhere...he wasn't talking!! We were now standing in front of a hotel door and Brock was knocking! Suddenly, the door opened and there stood Rickey Medlocke, shirtless!! Rose and I were elbowing each other...all the while trying to be cool, calm and collected! He and Brock exchanged there hellos etc. and Rickey told us to come on in!

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What's So Funny???...

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