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    =edking76 said:After heading south for the Hammersmith show last saturday,i took my 8 year old to his first ever gig last nite to witness the mighty Skynyrd lay waste to all before them in the city of Glasgow. He loved every minute,even tho it was a school nite. As we left,he commented on how unlucky all those poor souls were that were exiting the adjacent SECC concert hall where X-Factor - the tour had been taking place. He was so glad he'd been to see Skynyrd and not the hapless Jedward and co. He insisted on sleeping in his tour shirt last nite,and demanded that i get better seats next time Skynyrd play Glasgow. Has to be another tour next year!
    Young and old - Thats Skynyrd Nation.

    Could not agree more, they say your first time is the best, but evertime with Skynyrd is like the first, we were down the front, my 11 year old got a pick from Robert, great night again. Come back soon.

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