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    with the great songwriters on board, Gary, Dale and Ricky, why are you wasting time on a re-release of songs already done? Skynyrd Nation could have been a new release of some more dynomite songs.I know about the touring and all, but, guys, being a living ledgend should have higher peaks to climb.? Ricky has said that the group has some new plans. but left on the table to long has been known to get lost in the shuffle.One new c.d. in 6 years? I for one would love to hear the new songs that you guys are sitting on. Roadrunner co. Should have no control on what you do or say (in songs) Being who you are, Johnny, do you have anymore inspiring songs like Red,White&Blue?? I go back to before you were famous Jackson vs Lee in football and other things, I do know about fishing, and Coral Springs in Fla. So what gives? Any new suprises for this 2011 year? I love the way you are going and the respect that you give Gary Rossington and wife. Just wish there was more..ya.know? Bob Price

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