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    yes I do think I am lucky. I love jacksonville. I moved here from oklahoma 11 yrs ago after visiting jax for two weeks, three weeks later i lived here, lol. I love the jaguars football team and Lynyrd Skynyrd and the fact that they are from here. I was very lucky to work with his oldest daughter and meet his youngest daughter too. They are both great young ladies and fun to be around. I hope one day to meet their dad in person, and to sit in maybe with the band would be a dream come true also. i grew up playing there albums cranked up loud and playing the drums to them with the patio doors open and the neighborhood kids outside listening in, lol. It's a bummer you can't come over here to hear them. I wish they would come to the Freebird club in jacksonville beach sometime. or the beach amphitheater and do a free concert or at the landing by the football stadium.. that would be great too. I love playing freebird on the drums to the cd. wish i had a live dvd of them playing in concert. I did get to see them live in oklahoma city many many years ago. and saw them in gainesville at the UF basketball auditorium with ZZTOP back around 99 right after I moved here. I won the tickets from one of the local radio stations. that was one hell of a great concert.

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