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    =Sweet Home AL Sara said:It was a GREAT night at the Gwinnett Center in Atlanta, GA!! I was very moved by the whole experience, and I encourage everyone to try and attend a Freedom concert. It was a celebration of America & very patriotic. I don't know when I have been to a concert and was so emotional--I cried several times. YES, I cried!! I just don't see how you couldn't be moved by the stories of fallen soldiers, disabled soldiers, and their children.
    Here are my memories from the night:
    *Charlie Daniels preformed first. He put on quite a show. Hannity came out right before "Devil Went Down To GA" and he stayed on stage with the band. Hannity sang, played drums & the fiddle. Now that was "host participation"!!
    *Next, Bill Bennett spoke.
    *Michael W. Smith preformed after that. I was curious how his preformance would go over with a crowd there to also see CDB & was different, but wonderful! He told about his friendship with George W. Bush (Bush calls him "the other W") and about how Bush asked him to write a song about 9/11. Michael said that about 6 months after that conversation, he was out on his farm in TN and he looked up and saw his large American flag that he has on his property. Then, he began to write "There She Stands". It was a very moving song!! He also had the crowd stand & sing "America the Beautiful" with him. This is one of the moments that I cried. To top it all off, Hannity came out and asked him to preform "Amazing Grace". Can you imagine a crowd that large singing "Amazing Grace"? Another tearful moment & a moment to be proud to be an American.
    *Hannity then showed 4 videos that were entered into a patriotic contest that he sponsored. The winning video was done by a 22 year old. Pretty amazing. Check it out:
    *Oliver North spoke next. He told about the Freedom Alliance & the money raised for college tuition for children of 100% disabled veterans or for the children of fallen soldiers. Two of these recipients were brought onto stage.

    **Now it was Skynyrd's turn.................
    Great videos to go along with the music. (Some I had seen at other concerts and also some new ones.)
    Set List:
    Skynyrd Nation
    What's Your Name
    Saturday Night Special
    Down South Junkin
    That Smell
    Simple Man
    Give Me Back My Bullets
    Tuesday's Gone
    That Ain't My America
    Gimmie 3 Steps
    Call Me The Breeze
    Sweet Home AL (Hannity was on stage with them.)
    and of course.........FREEBIRD
    It was somewhat of a different experience. The crowd was more subdued--and this was because it was a different mix of people. I did find it funny to see the "elderly, Lawerence Welk" crowd leaving during Skynyrd's performance. To me, a true Skynyrd fan, it was almost disrespectful. But, I guess I can't be too hard on them. It was probably just too overwhelming--they had gotten all quite and calm with Michael W. Smith....and then "Skynyrd's in the house". HA!!

    Were there any closing "speeches" or comments to the show by Hannity or the others after Free Bird - or did they realize that nothing could end the evening better than that song?

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