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    I'm 37 & Skynyrd has played through my speakers countless times while muddin', huntin', & fishin' with my buddies. From the mid 80's 'till now with my wife & our 16 year old daughter, muddin in our old jacked-up '84 Dodge Ramcharger. Some day grandkids will be listenin' to Skynyd with me , on the way to the creek.I'll make sure they know every word to Curtis Lowe (so they can sing along with pawpaw). Just saw ya'll in Metropolis. It rocked!!! My wife cried through Free Bird, & I gotta say, I was a little watery eyed through Tuesday's Gone. You are THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.... HANDS DOWN! There is no other band, that has so many songs, that everyone around you knows all the words! Here in Southern Illinois, ya'll are sacred & loved! Love God & Guns, & Unbroken by the way!!!! Love Ya'll!!!!!!!!...... Straitjacket

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