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    Hey Tom...I agree with you 100% man! You can find most of these no-life people on dozens of other websites doing the same thing they do here. Try to find fault with anything and everything they can! Usually, that indicates insecurity and lack of a life on their part. I feel sorry for people who only concentrate on the negative and pick things to death to try and make themselves feel more secure. It's really pathetic. Anyway, I have and will continue to support Skynyrd. Met Ronnie and the originals in 1971 or '72, in Muscle Shoals , Al. in the studios. Like every other true fan, I have been saddened by all the tragedies they have endured. For the survivors, it is a tribute to them to still have such a great band and keep on putting out good music and touring!!!! THANK YOU Johnny and band!!!! Muscle Shoals Paul

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