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    "... to be able to see inside of albums..." I really like this type of virtuous approach to an artist's music, if this is what it truly is...? Would you believe that just this morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was reminiscing about certain cultural phrases from growing up, and I remembered the lyrics of a Skynyrd song that reminded me of a southern cultural phrase I'd heard from one of their albums. The lyrics came from a cultural phrase or expression used, I suppose, expressly by male
    adolescents, who were, when Ronnie Van Zant wrote and added these lyrics, were,
    and as Ronnie would say " it comes (referring to those chord killing guitar licks)..." uncircumcised southern boys. The lyrics from the song were " your worm..." I learned from those lyrics that this cultual phrase, "skin your worm," was an adolescent discovery or post-puberty discvovery of the male sex organ that was still surrounded by foreskin, hence, "skin your worm." Now this type of uncircumcised discovery, in southern culture (or maybe other cultures, I don't know) was part of the boyhood charm of masculine discovery and becoming a man. A real man...knowing the qualities of his possessions with or without circumcision--this is how I'm able to see inside the albums--through the life and music of the artist.
    Is it true that a musician's life is their music and their music life? Look, I know, there are all kinds of musicians (thank God) and music to fill every lifetime. "...I know, it's only rock ' n' roll, but..." Yes, I do. Oh, please let me know which Skynyrd song has those " your worm..." lyrics. Thanx, Die Hards!!


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