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    In1977 I was just finishing up my committment working for our rich uncle, Sam in JAX.
    At this same time, my rock band of US Navy sailors, Shadow, was also winding down as we were rotating out, back into the civilial force. Sometime around the summer of `77, some long hairs approached me while our band was on a break and asked me if I would consider filling in for their drummer who was about to have elbow surgery. This would last 1 year.
    Their claim was that they were close friends of LS and LS had demo tapes of the band. Subject to a live audition, they would be the opening band for Skynyrd's next tour in `78. Of, course, I jumped at the opportunity and we started practicing. Their music was not only good, but catchy.
    We soon got back stage passes for Lynyard Skynyrd's homecoming concert in JAX. I still have the passes.
    As Skynyrd was finishing up their tour through the South, we got excited knowing the band would be home soon. As I recall, a show in Missippi was the last event before homecoming and we started making plans for our audition.
    Then it happened, the unbelievable. That event changed the lives of bandmembers, fans, and the music industry.
    The last time Lynyrd Skynyrd played at Comcast Arena, I took my oldest to see and enjoy the band. I remember thinking, heck, I should have had the band over for some Northwest hospitality. So, you good folks are back playing the Tulalip Amphitheater on Sept 2. That is about 4 miles from my home. So, I extend this wacky offer to take a break from routine and enjoy a meal and rest at my property which is privately situated on 2 acres.
    I know the band is busy and probably won't have time, but nothing ventured is never gained.

    Still drumming

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