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    Here I am just browsing the net at nearly 11 at night and what do I come across? Only a website for my favourite band of all time.
    I saw the great men here in Portsmouth southern England in the early 70's and was blown away.I will never forget Ronnie holding his arms outstretched on stage, looking up at all of us and saying," Hi Yall".
    From the bars of the first song I was hooked.
    In the background was the Confederate Flag which to this day is the memory I have of the greatest rock band of all time.
    I still have all the old albums,neatly stacked in cellophane to protect them and when I need cheering up I crack a can of Stella and spread all of them across the bed and just think of those long hot days in England in 1976.
    Oh how I would dearly love to bring them all back.

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