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    @peach4peace: I hear ya about your feelings of the original lineup. I have friends that feel the same deep down and have never seen a show. I personally jumped on the first show I could see with the 87 reunion and cabin fever push, back when Allen was traveling with the band, but stuck in the wheel chair. Ed was great and the band rocked from the get go. I've seen just about everyone multiple times with Clapton being the one exception. My first show was the '79 world series of rock in Cleveland with the Scorpions, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Journey, Aerosmith and Nugent - back when the only rule was no bottles\no cans. Kegs, garbage cans full of jungle juice all legal. Since then I try to see as many shows as possible and Skynyrd is on my list as much as possible. I have had my elbows on the stage many times watching Rickey, Gary, Johnny, Leon, Billy, the girls, etc. and it is a rocking show. Just a ton of fun. My favorite line-up was when Hughie first started picking. The band was unbelievably tight and seeing/hearing Rickey play Mississippi Kid while standing in front of the stage was incredible. I recall Johnny saying he'd been waiting years to have that in their lineup. I hear ya though - as I've said, I have friends that still haven't gone. If you can get near front row, which is easy with the venues that often play in, it will be cool as hell to see Gary eye to eye. The only time I've even seen him slightly grin is to say Hi to a younger kid who are so often at Skynyrd shows these days... I agree that the songs aren't as complete as with Ronnnie and then Stevie writing songs, but it is a very cool time out, especially if you get close because you can connect with the band. Not the original Skynyrd jammin at the hell house, but a very very cool show for a good price. And for a plus, you don't have to hear a ton of political guff like going to see Springsteen. Go to the show, you will talk to dudes just like you, but they are still glad they stopped out for a good time. Lots of bikes line the entrance usually and cool times are had.

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