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  • » From "Lynyrd Skynyrd To Extend Tour Cancellations Due To Illness" // September 04, 2011 6:18:00 AM UTC

    I saw Skynyrd on May 29 in Orange Beach Alabama and they played most all old songs from the past including Give me a T for TexasGive me a T for Tennessee and it sounded just like when the old band members played it i.e Ronny, Al and all the other guys did back in the old days. All the band members at that show all seemed to really be into what they wer playing as they were all swaying and bouncing around on stage and really being into what they wer playing and trying to perform for the crowd. Also what's wrong with throwing picks into the crowd as lots of great bands do it or something like it like Jimmy Buffett and the beach balls, Kenny Rogers and the tamberenes and there's probably lots more that cant' think of or know of. To me that's all the part of performing and geting the crowds pumped up and into the concert. So may be Gary and others were just tired and warn out since they do lots of shows all over the country and world with very little if any breaks primarily for their fans and just needed some time . off to rest as remember most of the band members aren't spring chickens anymore as it's said. So give them a break and don't be so hard on them.

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