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    @Princecharming: I understand what you are saying; I feel there is no harm at all in doing an impression of Ronnie Van Zant, just as you mentioned, with Michael Jackson, Elvis etc. - no harm at all in that, man. However, at first, I thought the act, and the song was a fairly good impression of Ronnie, led by goofball comedian Will Ferrell, i.e., black teeshirt/hair/hat. And everything seemed fine, until the pregnant gal stepped in, as big Will started acting goofy; kissing her, etc. I just noticed that someone just wrote that the pregnant gal was Will's wife. How and the hell did viewers, including myself know that? In some manner, Conan, or someone should have let us all know this. And again, I guess, I agree, the act would have been somewhat benign and maybe viewed and felt as somewhat of a tribute to Ronnie and his song "Free Bird." But then again, I'm sure the current members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, know that Ronnie is pissed about that cow bell thing; being the ardent perfectionist he was (and still is), both on and off stage.

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