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    I'm going to see them at a casino on the 15th and i know casino shows are short shows but i have seen them at all kinds of venues and i'll take any chance to see them at any price and I can guarantee you I will not be back here complaining after the show. I lost track a long time ago how many shows I have been to but I do know i have never left any of them disappointed I leave tired but feeling at least 10 years younger and I don't have a care in the world for how ever long the show lasts how can you really put a price on that? The only disappointment i have is i have tried to meet them for over 30 years and always get my hopes up that this show will be the time and i should not set myself up for that but i am a dreamer and it's right at the top of my bucket list so i can't give up! crossing my fingers that this time will be the time!

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