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  • » From "A Message From Gary" // July 11, 2013 4:22:03 PM UTC

    I am of African American decent and I am a big fan. I've never seen L.S. and have been wanting to go but feeling unsure about the crowds that the band might draw.
    I have seen concert footage but didn't recall seeing the C-flag but maybe in the back of my mind I did see it and could be what was hindering me. Personally, I don't like any flags but especially the C-flag. It's unfortunate that L.S. choses to make a political statement on stage because that is what that is.

    My daughter bought tickets for the Jiffy Lube concert because I was talking about how I wanted to see the band. I really didn't want her to buy those tickets. We talked about her trying to win tickets but I didn't want to buy tickets because I wasn't sure if I would really go. Anyway, since reading that the C-flag will be flying I know that I cannot go. I would like to get my money back or at least the money that would have gone towards L.S. band.

    Anyone want tickets in section102?

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