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    I remember back in 76'.I was 14 and camping with my Mom and Dad with my Brother and his wife. We were in Nashville cause Dad always wanted to go there. I was reading a Circus Rock magazine(Anyone remember it??) and the Winter Brother's were in town. I begged my folks about this....So my Dad told my Brother to take me to teh concert. We walked in when the Winter Brothers were off. So we watched the rest of the concert and when Skynyrd came on, the place went up!!!!! I was hooked. I then saw them in 77' in my home town, in Philly at JFK Stadium. Great Southern J Geils Band and Frampton..........Skynyrd was 3rd on the bill. 100,000 strong came to see Skynyrd...............After the last notes of Freebird was done.........Half of the stadium left. Frampton canme out and waved to the crowd. He was waving at them to say Hello. But in truth, he knew the crowd waas leaving the stadium due to Skynyrd just blew him off the stage.
    Keep the Music Alive boy's. I'll still and always be a fan.

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