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    @ArtimusFan: we don't get any southern rock over here. Everybody knows sweet home Alabama and free bird but that's it. I had to dig deeper to hear more of the band. The music scene over hear is very bad at the mo and when I go on about the band people just look confused. I love that whole Deep South way of life and the music. Maybe I should have been born there. I have been told that before. I just can't get enough of the band and although I'm quite a new fan I understand music very well and this band is special. History, talent, heart, being misunderstood, originality, and just being as one when they play made me sit up and take notice. We've had a lot of great bands come out of England but these boys are right up there with them. You've either got it or you haven't and these boys had it in bucket loads. LEGENDS.

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England hears you

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