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    I found these pics on community forum board. They are from Dec 1973, during which LS went on their first big tour and opened for The Who. These pics are from their show at the Philly Spectrum.
    Notice that there was not a lot of stage roomn for seven people, particularly someone as energetic and moving around like Allen Collins. Note that right behind Bob Burns' drums are Keith Moon's drums. The gear for The Who's show had been set up in advance and LS set their gear up right in front of it. See also that Billy Powell has what looks like a folding chair to sit on. I read somewhere that LS was paid around $750 per show back then. Of course back then hardly anyone knew who they were, and came mainly to see The Who. But LS did themselves proud as they were the first opening act for The Who to be called back for encores during this tour.

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Cow palace concert Nov 20,1973

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