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    =paiken8 said:
    =mikeyb0013 said:I finally got to see the band last Friday and they did not disapoint. Great concert, my hearing came back Saturday so I know they were really good!!

    I noticed Johnny was wearing a vest with Bad Co and Lynrd Skynrd on it. Is that a tribute or are the two bands going to tour together? That would be awesome.
    hey what was the setlist?

    Sorry just got back to this, I can't remember all of the songs but they played Simple Man, That Smell, Tuesday's Gone, Sweet Home Alabama and pretty well every hit the band had. The crowd was very quiet that night I was surprised. They must have all heard me singing off key!!! Great show, going to see Bad Company at the same venue just wish Skynrd was with them up here but they are only playing together in the US.

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