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    =bobcat said:Brad Pitt plays ronnie in the movie.

    Ok, here's the deal, Brad Pitt can play Ronnie. In true romance, Brad pitt had long hair and sort of looked like him from a distance. Although, he played a burnout in that role. We all know Ronnie wasn't a pothead lol.

    I think he would be great, he's a damn good actor and a big name. It would be interesting, get Brad to grow some long hair, wear the famous hat, put on just a little bit of weight and he could pull this off!

    Ronnie deserves a big film of recognition, sort of like the Johhny Cash, walk the line. Ronnie's life and music was fascinating.

    Johhny Cash got his big film, all I'm saying is , let's rally for Ronnie's. It can be done, we need more input. I think this would be a great hollywood script.

    No disresepct to the band members but this movie would follow Ronnie from his youth to his death, similiar to walk the line.

    Brad Pitt is about 10 feet tall, One of the brothers can play Ronnie.!

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