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  • » From "Life in Lynyrd Skynyrd... by Johnny Colt" // September 27, 2013 7:04:20 AM UTC

    Great story Johnny! Thanks for opening up and sharing it!

    I was lucky to have mostly avoided drugs, but made the mistake of drinking too much a few times.

    I think we all do crazy things, that somehow seem normal or OK and not so crazy at the time, sometimes getting there by slowly doing more in small increments , but it's so good when we can learn from it and care enough, and be strong enough to stop.
    I have had several friends who let the coke beat them though, lost a few completely, it took them away.

    I can only imagine the inner strength and resolve that it took for you to beat it.
    But you Beat it. :-)

    Quitting cigarettes 2 years ago was hard for me.

    I remember falling off stage and breaking my bass in 1976 from drinking / partying too much.
    I was playing on the edge of the front of the stage and someone jumped up from the audience and tugged on my bell bottom jeans (high stage).
    I looked down to see and fell, landed on a house speaker head first on my bass, it broke in two and the body and neck slapped me across the head and ears, almost knocked me out!, I think all the beer and vodka etc. had me sort of numb though, and so after a slow motion headstand there for a couple seconds it seemed like, I tumbled on down to the floor, and a nearby policeman opened some door and helped me back stage and I got another bass and somehow kept playing, or sort of playing anyway, In all probability.
    It wasn't as bad as your experience at the Beacon, and wasn't nearly as big a venue, but I still feel pangs of regret and embarrassment when I remember that night...
    I lost a good bass too
    I don't think I will ever decide to let myself do such a thing again.

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