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    John White i seen that band at its youngest and let me tell ya it hurts real bad i mean real bad we use to do anything to see lynyrd skynyrd well the world wont last long with people like this gone from us i tell ya nobody has the heart they had and never will jojo told me how good hearted ronnie was how he would stand up for the one's he love'd i miss her now destiny got theheart her mom gots see its a soul thing to them people not a thing you'd have to be around back then to understand that we were a brother nation glen lunna i love you bro and i miss stanley and your paw and jojo and all the folks thats gone to heaven it'll never ever be the same the sneaking into concerts when we didnt have the money we'd figure something out to get in to see skynyrd i remeber someone cutting the chain link fence beause we were poor folks and folks rushing in thats the love we had for skynyrd they drew our hearts i remember when they cut the lights out in the middle of sweet home alabama at rickwood field and people went crazy because eggar winter played over their time thats how much we wanted to see them

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