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    I feel so very blessed to have met the band through Tommy who took on the role of my protector. I had lost my only brother and moved back south from Cleveland. I became close to Mary, Leon's sister and Tammy was so kind to me when I was ill. Also Sherry and Aunt Jane, with the others in the family. Always treated with such kindness by the family's and group. I didn't feel quite so alone in the world. The music always heals the spirit. And how I learned to carry on from being near the kindest people I have ever met. To be thanked for coming and being able to sit on a speaker or anyplace close. Under Tommy' s watchfull eye, while watching and remembering the old days I think. And always from farther back. It was if he was still watching over Gary and at times I think he saw Ronnie up there from the look in his eyes. I felt the music and the spirit of it. got me back into my writing again. Those times always just healed my soul. It was always hard not to cry through Freebird but, I managed. If they could do it ,so could I. I have some great pictures to share of the guys tipping their guitars and some great shots for them. The girls so sweet and unassuming. The guys, just taking the time to thank me for coming was just amazing. They hadn't really known what I had done in my nursing career or probably even about my health. Tammy, so kind would do the kindest things when I was sick. I have the nicest angel nightlight I cherish. Mary and I still remain great friends. I am still not over Billly and Ean is the hardest to not forget. What a great guy. To put us up in Boca after the concert. And We worried about Gary and Dale, praying that he would make it through with his health. These people are more than street survivors, they are just the best at carrying on for the fans. Ricky's smile was always so c, It was the time of my life.. And prepared me for the really tough times when my son had his first heart attack. And, from there Life was never the same. But, The music and the memories just make me smile. I think Ricky was my muse and I began to write again. He had the most unreal smile. So when Mary had some publishers call having told them about my little hobby, I was in shock that they wanted to buy them. Of course things fell through when I had to sell my little dream house on the island and move to the land of Oz, but, When you have a kid, they are yours forever. How did we laugh about him floating around the pool at 30 when he was only 6... But, it wasn't funny anymore. I think I kicked the red heels and a hurricane blew me to this God forsaken place. Know I know Why they call it the trail of tears. A top ten teaching hospital couldn't fix him. I cried in the bathroom for a year with the water running so nobody could here me. So when I had to take care of him, Out came the old albums and pulled my act together. Again, The music set me off an d I thought about the Then research my vinyls from Street survivors, Best of, and Vicious Cycle tour we followed. , Also anything I could find from the band I had packed..So again the best of times and the worst of times.But those memories sure get me through the days. I hope to get to the next show in Feb, down in Biloxi. I adopted a young disabled lady to get her away from an ugly life, and trying too start a business for them. His Dad lost his job on election day. So Again, out comes the Vicious Cycle, and the others. And we will survive. So I pray for the band and the families. And wait to get it together to come to the next nearest show. I will need more inspiration! And, I know Ean and Billy are smiling on all of the gang. I know my brother is up there ockin out with them. So As he always said "Keep The Faith" God Love you all! And I wish everybody would stop comparing Johnny, Ronnie and all the other guys. It's not nice after all these years. Give credit where credit is due after over 30 years. Yes he was there first with Stevie, Cassie, and a few others but, My home Town, Cleveland Has All The Group Forever In The Hall OF Fame! And All Are Remembered as the best then and now Forever. So our kids have a great background thanks to This band from the south we love so much!! And always will. Congratulations!. It was too long coming but everybody knows it truly is the heart of Rock-N-Roll. If you have to be born and raised, It was the real deal. The greatest for music. You just had to see it to believe it.. Love and Prayers to you all! Sherry From St. Augie!

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