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    God Bless you Gary Rossington,
    I remember when am radio only played Skynyrd and we were all so damn proud that we had a voice in music we could all identify with.If you were'nt there at that time you'll never identify with the pride we had to see the battle flag behind good music that meant something to an entire generation.All of us had relatives that died for that flag and I'll be damned if I'll set by and hear some kid who's been shamed into being who they are and wanting to get acceptance for being something or someone they're not tell me it's a flag of treason.If that's the case the U.S flag is a flag of treason, ask England.We all have the right to dissagree or agree,thats the beauty of our homeland.
    It's not our fault that people have used the battle flag as a symbol of hate,just like its not U.S citizens fault that others have used the U.S. flag as a symbol of hate and tyranny.It's really funny that those who preach the loudest about acceptance and tolerance are the first to use us as a sacrificial lamb.
    I'm proud of my heritage and will be 'till the day I die.Just like I felt Ronnie, Gary,Allen,Leon,Billy,Artimus,Ed,Steve and everyone else were in some way my family because they sang about everything we did.I went to concerts listening to music about my life and the things that made me feel like I belonged to something in a time where it was hard to wear your hair long,much less talk bad about people and for an opinion about something you had no idea of what you were talking about.The flag to us is heritage,not hate.The flag to us is home and a way of life,be it good or bad or indifferent.The flag to us is pride,not predudice and I dont give a damn what anybody says,I'll argue that fact.God Bless you Gary and keep on truckin.

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