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    My comment has been awaiting moderation for two days. Trying again....

    pnut901 says, "The Civil War was fought over slavery, period." That's the understanding of a PC indoctrinee. The secession documents of the various states clearly identify other reasons for secession, even Mississippi's.

    The South couldn't have been fighting to keep men and women enslaved, because nobody was fighting to free them, until well into the war. By then, the South was fighting to defend homes, families and communities from a barbaric invading army.

    Lincoln's proclamation calling for 75,000 volunteers to militarily invade the seceded states makes no mention of freeing slaves. Lincoln sold the invasion to the north on the excuse of "preserving the union" because nobody would have volunteered to go South and free slaves when the north profited so greatly from slavery.

    Northern states were armpit deep in slavery even after they abolished it within their borders -- to rid their states of their black populations. Northern textile mills profited by processing slave-grown cotton. New England's maritime interests grew rich shipping slave-grown cotton to Europe. Northern banks profited from financing plantations and slaves. Northern insurance companies profited from insuring slaves.

    If the war had been "fought over slavery, period," why did Lincoln wait two years to issue the Emancipation Procamation? If it was "fought over slavery," when Maj. Gen. Fremont emancipated the slaves of Missiouri early in the war, why did Lincoln overturn it, keep the slaves in bondage, and remove Fremont from command?

    If there is more "racism" in the South, that's because it is the only black/white biracial area of the country. If the black population was evenly distributed across the nation, "racism" would be, too. We know this because of the incidents of racial conflict that occur outside the South, in places were the black population is very small.

    BTW, how do you come by the knowledge of what's "alive" inside people you don't know, have never met, etc? Do you consult a crystal ball? Call Miss Clio? Throw chicken bones? No, the fact is, you don't know.

    It may give you the warm fuzzies of moral superiority to put down the South over "slavery" and "racism" -- but it's counterfeit moral superiority.

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