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    Anyone who thinks that slavery had nothing to do with the War for Southern Independence is wrong, but anyone who thinks slavery had everything to do with the war is just as wrong. It was a very complicated civic affair. Statistically, almost 9 out of 10 Southerners owned no slaves at all and the vast majority of the slaves were owned by the wealthiest 6% of society. Free blacks were some of the largest slaveholders in the South. Then there were the 5 Union states and the Federal capitol that had legal slavery.

    I am descended from 24 Confederates and 1 Union soldier who died in Andersonville. None of them were slaveholders. One entered politics after the war and fought for equal rights for blacks.

    To say that it was all over slavery completely ignores the tariffs that Southerners payed that increased their cost of living. It completely ignores the trade differences. It completely ignores the political differences between the 2 sections.

    The Confederate flag is NOT a symbol of racism or oppression and it was never intended to be one. Just because a few sheetheads abused that flag does not make it a racist flag. The sheetheads also abuse the US flag. Does that make it a symbol of racism? NO!

    Anyone who flies that flag for Southern pride and heritage has my admiration. Anyone who sees that flag as nothing but a symbol of racism is ignorant and calls for its removal has my contempt.

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