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    @joao victor:I am a Brazilian descendent of Confederate families that moved to Brazil after the War Between States, or as we call it in Brazil, The Secession War. It is interesting that you mentioned about your difficulties to explain the flag meaning in Brazil.
    As part of a big group of descendents, called "the Confederados", we are proud to know that our ancestors fought for states rights and liberty. Also, we are proud by all development that the Confederados brought to Brazil since 1865, when the first settler arrived at the city of Americana. They brought the Protestant religion, a new educational system, and agricultural technologies that are considerate the roots of the Brazilian agriculture strength.
    Also, check on youtube the pasting Confederados festivals; you will see more than 1,500 people having fun at this part of the Dixie Land.
    @ Gary: I always love your music, and now, I am going to spread the word to the Confederados that you are also a proud rebel. Next time you come to Brazil, I’ll be glad to show you this part of the Confederacy.
    Marcelo Dodson
    Fraternity of American Descendent- Santa Barbara D'oeste, SP, Brazil.
    SCV Camp "The Confederados"

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