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  • » From "Ronnie Van Zant" // September 21, 2012 10:36:47 PM UTC

    =Ang Williams said:In almost 1 month Ronnie will have been taken from us 35yrs now along with Gaines, Collins, and a few more...I miss ol' Ronnie so much he left so much to the world if the world would just listen and hear the words of some of his songs this world would be in a much better shape!!!

    im hee i just moved to Rme Ga from green cove springs ,friends with banner thomas he just started a gig with charlie from blackfoot, also good friends with big engine, johnny just play with his brother donnie at the clay fair. i helped buile te Ronnie van zant park. . souther rock is here to stay.there is alot of vidio in u tube about te plane crash and all ,some is ok but i know some of the members and they all have their own story. anyway rock on, jim

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