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    I know this will be scrireligious on the site, so let me qualify myself: I am a huge Skynyrd fan. I own every cd they have ever put out live/studio/compilation. I own quite a few tour tshirts and other merchandise as well. I play a Gibson Les Paul because my favorite guitarist (Gary Rossington) plays a Les Paul. I have seen Skynyrd more times that I can count since they reformed at the Volunteer Jam in the early 90's. So I think I am qualified to say this.

    In the 90's when Ed was in the band, you were guaranteed to hear at least one song from the new album on every tour: I remember the Last Rebel tour you heard the Last Rebel and Born To Run at each show. It went that way for awhile. Then around the time Hughie left maybe a little earlier we stopped doing that. Now you get Skynyrd Nation, which is a great song, but not near the same caliber as God and Guns, Simple Life, or Still Unbroken. I just went and saw the band on May 5 in Virginia, which was a 6 hour drive for me and it was the exact same set as I saw twice last year! The set was an hour plus a 15 minute Freebird encore. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed the show. However, I would have liked at least one new song or one of the above mentioned songs from God and Guns or even Red,White, and Blue. One other comment and I will leave this alone: the sound quality of the band is steadily going down hill. Not the musicians but the sound guy. The bass was way too loud and Mark and Rick's guitars were too low on the first half of the set. The boys all played outstanding! As they should they have been playing the same set for well over a year now. Set list for May 5 in Fredricksburg, VA (from memory): Workin For MCA, I Ain't The One, Skynyrd Nation, Down South Jukin, Saturday Night Special, Simple Man, Three Steps, Call Me The Breeze, That Smell, Sweet Home, and Freebird.

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