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    I'll throw my .02 cents in here too. Skynyrd puts on a great show, i've seen quite a few other bands and nobody interacts with the crowd as much as JVZ does, even if it's pretty much the same thing year to year. I saw Boston a couple years ago, all they did was get up, play their songs (very well yes) and done, not much if any crowd interaction, it was like listening to a CD and a rather boring show to be honest with no "extended versions" of anything, plus they only played maybe 10 or 15 minutes longer than Skynyrd tops, if that. My only gripe with a Skynyrd show is the medely, i don't understand why they can't play the entire songs, that would even take care of "short show" complaint if you ask me with out puttin much more strain on the band. But reality is, most big name bands only play 90 minutes at best, including encores, so i'm just gonna be thankfull i/we still have the opprotunity to see Skynyrd lyve year after year. They keep comin to town, i'll keep goin to see them!! Skynyrd Nation!

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