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    I too have read a lot of posts on different blogs (not this website, this is not the only place to blog about Skynyrd) that are blasting the band about being on Fox News. Hannity and Huckabee are not news shows, they are shows where the hosts gets to state their opinions about what is going on in our country and to entertain their audience. (Yes they do talk about news but so do other entertainers not on the Fox channel.) One of the ways they enterain their audience is to invite bands that they like to come onto their shows and allow the bands to promote their new albums and put on a small show. I don't care for Conan O'Brien and his show and his opinions but Skynyrd was on that show (an entertainment show) to promote their new album and I am glad they were. I am glad they are able to still book on all the different entertainment shows (no matter the political views of the host) and promote their new album that they were able to put out despite losing two members. They worked hard to give to their fans and instead of their fans just shutting up and saying thanks for keeping real, for giving us music with meaning, for keeping on going no matter with life throws at you...... we are writing stupid comments and whining about where they booked to promote their album. That is very petty guys and I really hope and pray that this is not what My American has become......

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